Fee-FREE Qualifications – Skilling for Recovery – NSW

Is your answer 'Yes' for any of these?

✅ Unemployed – either receiving benefits or not (eg redundancy, looking for work)?
✅ At Risk of losing your job or being made redundant?
✅ On Job Seeker or Job Keeper?
✅ On Commonwealth Benefits?
✅ Under 24?

You may be eligible for fee-free qualification under NSW SKilling For Recovery program. Don't miss this opportunity because the NSW Government will be funding all 100% of the program/training cost

Skilling for Recovery is the NSW initiative for the delivery of JobTrainer funding in NSW. NSW has committed nearly $160 million to the federal JobTrainer program in a bid to help people to reskill for future employment in a range of sectors. The program is designed to help job seekers retrain or up-skill and support school leavers entering the workforce for the first time. It will provide a combination of short and long courses for job seekers and young people, including school leavers at no cost.

To be eligible for fee-free full qualification training under Skilling for Recovery You Must be in one of the following four categories:

1. Youth 17-24 (regardless of employment status)
2. Commonwealth Benefit Recipient (including unemployed Jobseeker)
3. Unemployed (Not a Commonwealth Benefit Recipient)
4. People expected to become unemployed (one of the following four categories):

• Stood down/Jobkeeper/furloughed employee: Employee that has been stood down or employee for whom the employer has JobKeeper arrangement in place and at risk of becoming unemployed. Requires upskilling or reskilling for new role and employment elsewhere
• Person returning to work (employed for 6 months or less): employed on condition of receiving training to build capacity and capability for the job role. This would be within the first 6 months of employment
• Low skilled/unskilled employee: Existing employee, with or without relevant skills or previous qualification up to Certificate III, that requires training to upskill to secure ongoing employment or future employment
• Workers in declining industries: Workers at any company in an agreed declining industry (e.g. international travel industry) who require upskilling/reskilling for redeployment.

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